Hethpool Mill, College Valley, Northumberland

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Walks around Hethpool Mill

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It is best to split the walks into four categories

Short. Walks around and close to the Mill. Those which will take up maybe 2 hours of time or less.

Medium walks from the Mill.These are walks where you have to set aside over 2 hours. Still not “long” walks but at the end you know that you have been out.

Long walks. These are walks which take over 4 hours and can be serious.

Walks within the Valley but you are best starting with a car trip.

Short walks.

Walk 1. Along the river valley – upstream. Leave the Mill and turn left ( up stream). Follow the field to the end where there is a gate on the left hand side. Go through the gate and about 40 yards further and you come to the ruins of Harrowbog farm. From here you get great views back towards Hethpool.

If you ignore the gate and instead carry on over the stile you will pass through a heavily overgrown field and come out at a “dead section” of the river. This is where the floods of July 2009 changed the course of the river. You can explore around here.

Walk 2. Down stream to Hethpool Linn.At the bridge over the river turn right ( do not cross the bridge). You are now on St Cuthberts Way which you will follow through the plantation. At the end of the woods there is a stile onto very wet ground. Follow the path as it slopes uphill. The area on your left is often frequented by the feral goats of the College Valley. You will shortly arrive at another stile. Climb over and turn left ( the right turn keeps you on St Cuthberts way and onto the Newton Tors).

The path follows a small stream downhill to the main College burn. As you reach the burn there is a nice pool and picnic area on your right. The path goes left to take you to the bridge over the burn. On the other side you follow the stream back, coming out below Hethpool house and crossing back over the bridge to Hethpool Mill.

Walk 3. Hethpool lake. Walk up to Hethpool house and past it. Immediately ahead is a gate into the lake field. Take care when exploring as the access has not been well maintained around the lake.Please note this access is not a right of way but it is open to guests staying at the Mill.

Walk 4. Great Hetha. This is the hill which you can see from the front of the Mill. When you wake up in the morning and lie in bed watching the sheep wind their way along the fellside it is Great Hetha with it’s hillfort on the top.

Walk towards Hethpool but turn left up the valley. Pass the car park on your left. Look at the remains of the stone circle on your right. Pass over a cattle grid and at the end of the wood on your right is a sign for Great Hetha. Climb up the path to the top. Bottom to top is maybe 45 minutes.

Medium walks

Walk 1. Trowupburn, Elsdonburn and the option of Great Hetha.  Walk up the valley along the main road. Just before you come to Whitehall there is a forest track on your right and this will take you to Trowupburn farm. The banks along the forest track are great for cowslips come springtime. After Trowupburn you have the option of a direct climb up to Great Hetha or alternatively follow the road down to the junction with the Elsdonburn road. At this point you can either carry on back to Hethpool or follow the sign to Great Hetha.

Long walks.

Walk 1. Newton tors. Between 4 and 5 hours of walking.Follow St Cuthberts way down the valley and then branch right onto the Tors, Easter and Wester tors come first and then Harelaw. After Harelaw head down to Southernknowe and from there back along the valley road.

Walks requiring the car to get there.

In theory you can walk anywhere from the Mill but for these walks it is much easier to drive to the starting point.

Walk 1. The Schil. Drive to Mounthooly. Park on the right hand side before entering the grounds of the hostel. Follow the broad track on your right up the hill. A very gentle walk to the border fence. Turn left and follow the track ( Pennine Way) to the top of the Schil. Then continue along the Pennine Way down the hill towards the Cheviot. Stop at Red Cribs to admire the view, then at the mountain rescue hut as well. Shortly after take the grassy track to your left and descend into the valley below the Hen Hole. Follow the stream back to Mounthooly.



Written by Gillian

September 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm

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