Hethpool Mill, College Valley, Northumberland

Luxury holiday cottage in the Cheviot Hills

Hethpool Mill – FAQ’s

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Frequently asked questions

Is the house suitable for families and small children. Yes, the open plan, large staircase and landing as well as the easy access and lack of clutter make it ideal for families. Young children will have plenty of room to run around and there are no ornaments or delicate bit’s n pieces for them to break.

Having two bathrooms also helps.

The enclosed garden is safe but please note that some of it is overgrown and the surface uneven so best for larger children.

Is it warm?

Yes, the winters can get quite cold up in the Cheviot so the house is very well insulated. The walls are also very thick.

Is it a good place to bring dogs?

Yes, the Mill is one of the best “doggie” cottages we have seen. It has all the facilities and a secure kennel. Easy walks and a large tiled kitchen.

Why is the Mill so cheap?

We like to think that it is good value. Basically when you look for a cottage on or near to the coast the prices can be very high.Out here, in the Cheviot hills, it is much quieter. The College Valley Estate people want to encourage repeat visitors and they are keeping the prices low as part of this policy.

Will there be any noise or disturbances?

Absolutely none. There is no light pollution, the air is crystal clear and the water comes from natural springs in the valley.

What about farm animals?

The field in front of the Mill is occasionally used for sheep.

Can we visit other parts of the College Valley?

Yes, as a guest in the Mill you have access to all the Valley. There are parking permits in the Mill for you to use.

What are the downsides?

There is no mobile reception in the valley ( well you sometimes do get a signal up on the fells). So the Mill has a landline for visitors to use. They are asked to make a contribution towards any calls they make.

There is no TV signal. However there is a TV with DVD and old movies to watch.






Written by Gillian

September 6, 2011 at 2:13 pm

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