Hethpool Mill, College Valley, Northumberland

Luxury holiday cottage in the Cheviot Hills

Hethpool Mill – from the outside

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These pictures help show what the house looks like from the outside.Kind of gives you and idea of the layout.

This picture is taken from the bank behind the house and looks north west towards hethpool.

Hethpool Mill

Taken from the bank behind the house

This photo is taken from the north side. The main entrance into the porch and kitchen is just behind the car. The small window, visible over the bonnet is the downstairs bathroom.

To the far left and just visible is the dining room and the upstairs window is the upstairs bathroom. Note the pebbled area outside which is great for dogs – no muddy feet 🙂

This shows the mill from the other, or south side. Note on this side you have the upstairs bedroom windows.With the sun around this side we often have breakfast on the table outside.

Hethpool Mill

Hethpool Mill

The picture above shows the patio outside the sitting room along with table and chairs.


Written by Gillian

August 30, 2011 at 9:12 am

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